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Trying out Jekyll


As Tom Preston-Werner (author of Jekyll) describes it:

Jekyll is a simple, blog aware, static site generator. It takes a template directory (representing the raw form of a website), runs it through Textile or Markdown and Liquid converters, and spits out a complete, static website suitable for serving with Apache or your favorite web server. Visit to see an example of a Jekyll generated blog.

Jekyll is the engine behind GitHub Pages, which is where I first heard about it.

The thought of maintaining a site via a text editor (vi, in my case) and pushing changes out from the command line gave me some major ‘90s deja vu, but WordPress has always seemed a bit to “heavy” for me, so I thought I’d give Jekyll a shot. Plus Jack Moffit and Dustin Sallings were both talking about Jekyll, and in fact Jack had already moved his site over from Movable Type to Jekyll. Plus I just want to be one of the cool kids, so here we are.

With the git/jekyll combo, a little CGI script that does a git pull and calls Jekyll, and the web hook feature of github, I can edit pages locally, commit them to a git repo, and when I’m ready to make changes on the live site I can just do a “git push”. My changes are uploaded to github, they hit the CGI script on, and the site is rebuilt.

I have a feeling this system will encourage me to post a bit more often. We’ll see.

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